musr_config  for MUSR experiment


musr_config is run by the MUSR experiments as a daemon.  It is a MIDAS client running under linux that runs on a PRESTART transition.

The MUSR experiment requires a number of parameters be set up prior to the start of a run. These parameters are stored in the Midas online data base (odb) . The parameters are normally set up by the user using a custom-built interface written in Tcl,
but they may also be set up using the Midas browser or with odbedit.  These parameters must be checked for validity, and various calculations made, and the results written to various areas of the odb for communication with the frontend and other clients. This is handled by musr_config, at prestart.

The front-end  program aborts the start-of-run if the parameters have not been validated recently by musr_config , or if the supplied parameters are invalid,

Musr_config is linked with experim.h

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musr_config  is divided for convenience into a number of subroutines which do the following calculations/checks:

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Programming Note:  the order of the saved histograms (i.e. counter order)

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